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Brand Yourself Review

This is a page dedicated to the testing of the Brandyourself.com service. I have put this page here to document my review. The review started 6/1/12 and this blog ranked number 4 in Google when searching for Blog made Simple.

Update **6-4-12 I received an email from Brandyourself.com stating that my blog moved down in the Google search results. It was due to a book being released called Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies For Blogging Success! (Volume 1) (affiliate). This book must have had some popularity because it bumped me one notch in Google. I will be monitoring to see what happens. Updates to come soon.

Update **6-7-12 Well I have created all my profiles on Brandyourself.com. I have done everything they asked of me. Shocking no significant change to my Google results rank. So where does this leave us? Well, the way I see it, Brandyourself.com has done nothing for me. In addition, they still score me D- even though I am number 6 in Google. The next option in my account is to pay them money so I can submit more links to my Brandyourself.com account. In my opinion, paying for the privelage of submitting more links seems very fruitless. After all they have shown me how to improve 4 links for free and it didn’t help why should I now pay them to ‘Boost’ more links? I plan to update this again soon and let you know the results.

Update **6-8-12 I have to say that the support for Brandyourself is outstanding. I posted a message on Twitter and shortly after, the team contacted me with an answer. They also offered further support if required via direct message. Second, I have also moved up a slot in Google, so we wait.

Update **6-9-12 Up to 3 in Google, maybe this is working. As a method of Full Disclosure, I had to post this stating that my position changed. Next will be to try this for my personal blog http://dannymullen.net. It will be interesting if I can top Google with Danny Mullen as the search. This is because there is a soccer player and musician with the same name.

Update **7-1-12 No real positional movement in Google. What seemed to be going really good came to a standstill. I will give it a couple more weeks then start to draw conclusions.

(Disclaimer: Some of the links contained in this post are affliate links. See the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”)
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