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Updated my BrandYourself Review, want to know the results

I have now been signed up for Brandyourself.com for about 1 week now. I know that SEO can take time, I am curious how much time. Brandyourself.com makes it sound like you will have results overnight. Well that was not that case for me. See the full review here. Leave a comment, let me knowContinue Reading

Blog Made Simple Updates Coming Soon!

It has been a while since I have updated anything on this site. You may ask what have I been working on. Well the answer to that would be, many things. It seems as if when I decide to take things on, I always go big. In the last three months I had to holdContinue Reading

DNS transfer week of 3-18-2012

I am in process of moving Domain host and DNS servers. I don’t expect problems, but sometimes there could be minimal downtime caused. Thanks!Continue Reading

How to Configure WordPress for your Domain, without DNS

I recently answered this question on a forum so I figured it was a great tip to post here also. I found that repeatedly, people struggled with installing and configuring their website without having DNS setup. The scenario for this would be you are moving hosting accounts or running on a local development server. UsingContinue Reading

Non-profits Fear Not!

Do you own/operate a non-profit organization? If so I may be able to help. I have found non-profit organizations like booster clubs or scout troops seem to fear having their own website. I am here to tell you that this is not something you should fear. In today’s ever changing world a website can beContinue Reading

How to backup Database via SSH

I know many of you out there have asked yourself the question “how do I backup my website’s database?” Well I have the one line of code that will rock your world. This method assumes that you have SSH access(You will need to check with your hosting provider for setup). Step one, obtain your databaseContinue Reading

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